Math 53 (Mutivariable Calculus) Summer 2009

Andrew Critch, MTWRF 12:00pm-2:00pm @ 3107 Etcheverry Hall  
Welcome to Math 53! Almost everything in our (seemingly) three dimensional world is described using mutlivariable calculus: locations, velocities, the weather, the stock market, your vital signs, your mood, what you think of a piece of music, electromagnetism, fluid dynamics... life without understanding multivariable calculus "is like dancin' on this quicksand while you're blindfolding the devil in the dark" (a quotation I owe to my highschool math teacher)... all I'm saying is, learn this stuff!

Quick facts:

Conceptual notes:


Things you have to read (really, you have to):
Introduction and policies. (until classes begin, subject to minor changes)
Schedule of topics, reading, homework, and exams. (updated online regularly!)