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Seeking a paid part-time assistant for AI alignment research

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Sometimes in my research I have to do some task on a computer that I could easily outsource, e.g., adding bibliographical data to a list of papers (i.e., when they were written, who the authors were, etc.). If you think you might be interested in trying some work like this, in exchange for

  • $20/hour, paid to you from my own pocket,
  • exposure to the research materials I’m working with, and
  • knowing you’re doing something helpful to AI alignment research, then
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Interested in AI Alignment? Apply to Berkeley.

Summary: Researching how to control (“align”) highly-advanced future AI systems is now officially cool, and UC Berkeley is the place to do it.

Interested in AI alignment research? Apply to Berkeley for a PhD or postdoc (deadlines are approaching), or transfer into Berkeley from a PhD or postdoc at another top school. If you get into one of the following programs at Berkeley:

  • a PhD program in computer science, mathematics, logic, or statistics, or
  • a postdoc specializing in cognitive science, cybersecurity, economics, evolutionary biology, mechanism design, neuroscience, or moral philosophy,
… then I will personally help you find an advisor who is supportive of you researching AI alignment, and introduce you to other researchers in Berkeley with related interests.

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Help me write LaTeX on a large e-ink display ($200 reward)

Edit: my employer was eventuslly able to order me an e-ink monitor, so the reward is off 🙂

I would like to write LaTeX on a wireless-enabled e-ink display with a 13″ or larger screen to avoid visual fatigue. If you solve this problem for me, I will pay you a $200 reward, be extremely grateful, and write a blog post explaining your solution so that others might benefit 🙂 Some examples that I would consider solutions: Continue reading

Seeking a paid personal assistant to create more x-risk research hours

My main bottleneck as a researcher right now is that I have various bureaucracies I need to follow up with on a regular basis, which reduce the number of long interrupted periods I can spend on research. I could really use some help with this. Continue reading

Use a giant notebook to think better

Having a space to write things down frees up your mind — specifically, your executive system — from the task of holding things in working memory, so you can focus your attention on generating new thoughts instead of looping on your most recent ones to keep them alive. Writing down what’s in your head — math, plans, feelings, whatever — can start paying cognitive dividends in about 5 seconds, and can make the difference between a productive thinking day and a lame one. Continue reading

The 2015 x-risk ecosystem

Summary: Because of its plans to increase collaboration and run training/recruiting programs for other groups, CFAR currently looks to me like the most valuable pathway per-dollar-donated for reducing x-risk, followed closely by MIRI, and GPP+80k. As well, MIRI looks like the most valuable place for new researchers (funding permitting; see this post), followed very closely by FHI, and CSER. Continue reading

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