SAGS at Berkeley: Student Algebraic Geometry Seminar

Semester: Spring, 2012 (click here for Fall, 2012)
Organizers: Andrew Critch and Andrew Dudzik
Time: Fridays, 4-5pm
Location: 740 Evans


Date Speaker Topic Announcement
Jan 20 Organizational Meeting
Jan 27 Andrew Critch Computing examples in algebraic geometry Computing examples in algebraic geometry
Feb 3 George Melvin Singularities and Representations Singularities and Representations
Feb 10 Will Johnson Introduction to Toric Varieties Introduction to Toric Varieties
Feb 17 Melody Chan Introduction to Amissible Covers Introduction to Amissible Covers
Feb 24 Shelly Manber Albegraic surfaces Fun with ruled surfaces
Mar 2 Andrew Niles K3 surfaces Introduction to K3 Surfaces
Mar 9 Damien Mondragon Algebraic Geometric Codes Algebraic Geometric Codes
Mar 16 Morgan Brown Hodge Structures The Torelli Theorem for K3 surfaces
Mar 23 Andrew Dudzik Spectral spaces Spectral spaces
Mar 30 Spring Break
Apr 6 Jason Ferguson Geometric properties over non- algebraically closed fields “Geometric” properties of schemes
Apr 13 WAGS in Seattle
Apr 20 Pablo Solis Vector bundles on P2 Bundles on P2 and stability
Apr 27 Piotr Achinger Rational connectivity Rationally connected varieties