Seeking a paid part-time assistant for AI alignment research

Please share this if you think anyone you know might be interested.

Sometimes in my research I have to do some task on a computer that I could easily outsource, e.g., adding bibliographical data to a list of papers (i.e., when they were written, who the authors were, etc.). If you think you might be interested in trying some work like this, in exchange for

  • $20/hour, paid to you from my own pocket,
  • exposure to the research materials I’m working with, and
  • knowing you’re doing something helpful to AI alignment research, then

please leave me your information below, and I will get back to you. I realize $20/hour is not much; I offer it mainly as a reassurance that I will only ask you to do things that I think are important enough that I’m willing to spend my own money to make them happen 🙂


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