I get a lot of email, and unfortunately, template email responses are not yet integrated into the mobile version of Google inbox. So, until then, please forgive me if I send you this page as a response! Hopefully it is better than no response at all.

Thanks for being understanding.

Q: What should I learn as a (college student | grad student | postdoc | autodidact) to get me up to speed on AI / AI safety research so I can start contributing?

A: I previously organized a team of researchers to develop and maintain http://humancompatible.ai/bibliography to answer this question. Good luck!

Q: Can you give me non-AI-safety-specific advice on how to learn math/CS/neuroscience/finance?

A: http://acritch.com/leveraging-academia

Q: Should I get / how can I get more involved with the Center for Human Compatible AI at UC Berkeley?

A: http://humancompatible.ai/get-involved

Q: I just sent you an instant message about something academic / work-related; why did you send me this FAQ?

A: Please use email for work-related stuff! I process email in batches, and prefer to avoid getting too many interruptions from instant messaging about work.

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