Help me write LaTeX on a large e-ink display ($200 reward)

Edit: my employer was eventuslly able to order me an e-ink monitor, so the reward is off 🙂

I would like to write LaTeX on a wireless-enabled e-ink display with a 13″ or larger screen to avoid visual fatigue. If you solve this problem for me, I will pay you a $200 reward, be extremely grateful, and write a blog post explaining your solution so that others might benefit 🙂 Some examples that I would consider solutions:

  1. If there were some way to use Sony’s Digital Paper device as an external monitor for my MacBook Pro or Windows 7 laptop, and you walked me through the setup, that would count.
  2. If you managed to get your hands on a working Dasung e-ink monitor and it is able to display its full resolution (1,600 x 1,200) as an external monitor to my MacBook Pro or my Windows 7 laptop, I would buy it from you at a $200 markup.
  3. If you figured out how I can run TeXShop or an equivalent two-pane LaTeX editor on Sony Digital Paper or some other 13″ or larger e-ink device, at a reasonable speed that can keep up with my usual editing rate, that would also count.

Thanks in advance to anyone who figures this out! You can email me at if you do. Please, no “maybe this will work” solutions… I get a lot of email already, and the idea is for someone else to make this happen instead of me. You’ll be doing me a solid, not to mention anyone else who benefits from your ingenuity 🙂

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