BASS: Berkeley Algebraic Statistics Seminar

Semester: Fall, 2011
Organizers: Andrew Critch and Shaowei Lin
Time: Wednesdays, 2-3pm
Location: 939 Evans

For the first half of the semester, the seminar will focus on two main sources:

Other recommended reading:

Date Speaker Title, linked to announcement
Aug 17 Shaowei Lin,
UC Berkeley
Sparse Coding and Why it Works, and organizational meeting
Aug 31
Andrew Critch,
UC Berkeley
What Causality Is (stats for mathematicians)
Sep 7 Damien Mondragon,
UC Berkeley
Implicitization and tropical geometry (math for statisticians)
Sep 14 Jose Rodriguez,
UC Berkeley
Markov bases for toric models
Sep 21 Ngoc Tran
UC Berkeley
Combinatorial types of tropical eigenvectors with applications to ranking
Sep 28 Andrew Critch,
UC Berkeley
How to find a hidden Markov process
Oct 5 [no seminar] SIAM conference on applied algebraic geometry this week
Oct 12 Qingchun Ren,
UC Berkeley
The neighbor-net algorithm and point configurations in P1
Oct 19 Shaowei Lin,
UC Berkeley
Bayesian Statistics and Singular Learning Theory
Oct 26
Rudolf Kalman,
Swiss Federal IT
A new direction of research in mathematical systems theory: Algebraic analysis, identi cation, and synthesis of passive electric networks
Nov 2 Piotr Zwiernik,
Why do we care about inequalities in (algebraic) statistics?
Nov 9 Luke Oeding,
UC Berkeley
Tensors and Implicitization
Nov 16 Kelli Talaska,
UC Berkeley
Trek Systems and Gaussian Graphical Models
Nov 23 [no seminar] Thanksgiving
Nov 30 Bernd Sturmfels,
UC Berkeley
Geometry of the Restricted Boltzmann Machine
Dec 7 Guido Montufar,
Max Planck, Leipzig
Submodels of Deep Belief Networks